Competitive Intelligence

Market Intelligence Research Analysis

We focus on assisting our clients in understanding their competitors to make them design the best marketing strategies. The intense competition requires every company to understand the best way to outdo their competitors. We assist you in monitoring the presence and reputation of your most competitors in the market. We use the results to advise you accordingly to up your game and become the most preferred by the consumer.

Why we come in as the most preferred market research and consulting company, we assist our clients by selecting useful metrics. We then gather the information that lets you understand your current position against your competitors. While it is understandable that your competitors might not be willing to provide you with meaningful data, our expertise in this area has made us understand the correct metrics to collect from a panel of consumers, Net Promoter Score (NPS), social media platforms, and other secondary sources.

We use the results to advise you on the best approach to benchmark your performance against what your competitors are offering.

What is the perception of your target customers?

We gather the correct data and analyse to give you a full picture of how customers perceive your competitors, the current strengths they have over you, their weaknesses, as well as potential opportunities to earn you more profits. Our quality results make you start monitoring your brand perception. You can also visualize specific aspects of your brand against your competitors.

We also help you identify three categories of your customers;

  • Those that promote your product offerings and are likely to fall within the loyalty category because of their enthusiasm
  • Those that are satisfied but are not happy with your product offerings/services
  • Unhappy distractors and more likely to switch to competitors.

Not Just Average Research Company, We Use market Research to empower your decisions