Consumer satisfaction

Your position in the market is based on the level of satisfaction that your customers have over your products and services. Customers satisfaction is a foundation for experiences and reflections that your customers develop over your brands. As a leader in customer satisfaction market research, Walaco helps clients conduct satisfaction surveys to ascertain whether the products and services can meet, exceed, or rate lower than what customers expect.

Why you need customer satisfaction research

  • When you want to confirm what customers like, dislike, or would like improved in your products or services
  • When you want to make some improvements to your products but you do not know what to improve
  • When you want to measure what makes your customers have high loyalty for your products
  • When you want to create and reinforce a positive experience among your customers

Why Partnering with Walaco can help you build one of the effective customer satisfaction programs

We work with our clients to collect detailed data that captures consumer experiences with brands. We also develop and map out data to indicate the level of customer behaviour and overall attitude towards the brands.

We apply our models to collect data through surveys or interviews and analyse to present a complete picture of your consumer experience. We help our clients collect data through;

  • Post-purchase period
  • Periodic Satisfaction Surveys
  • Continuous satisfaction tracking

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