Community Voices

We understand people well when we listen to them. This also translates to how we understand the needs of those in the community. Everyone has a voice that needs to be listened to. Leaders that serve communities should learn to listen to everyone before designing and implementing public programs for all.

Data collected from the intended beneficiaries help leaders come up with informed strategic decisions.

Conducting community voice research help;

  • Gain a deeper understanding of challenges that people in your community experience
  • Understand the feelings of people towards the services
  • Identify gaps in service delivery areas
  • Design appropriate policies and strategic plans that help meet the needs and expectations of people
  • Design programs that support effective delivery of services to everyone in the community

The Benefits of Working with Walaco

We partner with clients that want to collect data with an aim of understanding the voices of everyone in the community. We help our clients gain access credible information to make strategic decisions.

We discuss with our clients about the metrics of assessment.