Customer Segmentation

Professional market and consumer segmentation

Walaco Africa is a leading market segmentation company which helps you maximise your segmented consumers. Whether you want to increase your engagement with your customers based on and increase profits, we assist you in collecting specific information that makes you understand your customers’ attributes, values, aspirations, usage, as well as other behavioural classifications.

Segmenting the market or consumers involve the process of grouping consumers based on shared characteristics. It is important to gain a deeper understanding of how consumers relate with your products and services as well as your entire company. Of course, you can only do this when you understand the similarities and differences that exist among your target group as your consumers.

We help you gain the ability to understand your customers to:

  • Develop a list of the most profitable and least profitable profile of customers
  • Have a better focus towards your marketing strategies to reach out to a specific group
  • Start making improvements to your customer services
  • Start to build strong relationships
  • Start to price your offerings differently
  • Start developing better products
  • Understand your personas and create better ones
  • Start to customise product/service features

At Walaco, we offer full-service market research through a mixed-method approach to help you identify your personas. We conduct research from either your existing customer data or conduct market survey from a representative sample.

Not Just Average Research Company, We Use market Research to empower your decisions