Mystery Shopping

Why Mystery shopping market research matter for your business

Whether you operate in banking, transport, manufacturing, or retail sector, mystery shopping remains one of an ideal tool to see the work of your employees as well as how customers perceive your brand. At Walaco, we have well-trained mystery shoppers who act the same way as your customers. Through caveat approach, they emulate your customer experiences.

We identify the actual experiences of your customers with your products and services. Whether you are still in your early stages of operation or you have been in your sector for a long time, you need to understand that the market is never static. The ever-changing nature of the market also forces your customers to expect more from you in terms of offering innovative products and services.

At What Time Are You Supposed to Use Mystery Shopping?

  • When you value your customers so much that you are not willing to loose them to your competitors.
  • When you care so much about the kind of services that your employees offer to them
  • When you care so much about creating more loyal customers and willing to see them increase their satisfaction level

Why you should consider us as your right partner to help you conduct Mystery shopping

  • We have a well-trained team with a passion for mystery shopping
  • We tailor our research based on the needs of every client
  • We use the findings to advise you accordingly on the best way to up your game in the competitive market
  • We do repeat market research to help you ascertain whether the changes have been implemented.

Not Just Average Research Company, We Use market Research to empower your decisions