Market Size

Use Market Research to estimate the size of your market

Whether you are a start-up or already established, you still need to estimate the size of your market for marketing planning, budgeting, or funding purposes.

We use our expertise in market research to help our clients identify the market size and estimate the available opportunities to meet their customer needs. Business start-ups can develop great business plans when they answer two questions; How big is the size of our market? How much of the market can we attract from our competitors?

We help our clients collect accurate and quality data that enables them make rational decisions. We also quantify the expected returns from your investments (ROI). Whether you are already established and not seeking external financing, you can still use market research to understand the potential of the market you are serving. Our expertise in market sizing helps our clients make strategic decisions around;

  • Product development
  • Understand distribution channel
  • Seek for partnership
  • Make organizational designs
  • Understand employee skills

Our Market sizing research follows three  approaches:

Total Available Market (TAM)
  • This is simply the total market demand for your products
  • It shows you the revenue you can generate when you sell to a specific market
  • The market also incorporates competitive products
Served Available Market
  • This is simply the market segment you serve in terms of geographical, cultural, or behavioural
  • It shows you the revenue you can generate when you sell in a specific market
Serviceable Obtainable Market
  • This represents a portion of SAM that you can easily capture.
  • We help you understand a reasonable portion of serviceable market segment you are likely to capture easily
  • Our analysis helps you design effective marketing plan to reach a large portion of customers within SAM where other competitors are already established.

Our bottom-up analysis approach allows us to collect quality data that meets the needs of our clients. We apply different tools to collect primary data.

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