Crisis Management

Entities operate in volatile environments where crises are bound to occur. Whether a business operates in insurance, manufacturing, agricultural, education, or transportation sector, information plays a central role in preventing, identifying, and managing brand crisis. In case brands fail to become sensitive, managers cannot then become sensitive about availability of information to help them prevent and identify problems likely to be the root cause of crises.

Walaco help clients collect data from through quantitative and qualitative approach to understand factors that influence different types of crises both at the workplace and societies where they operate. A poorly done research can cause a business fail to have positive turnaround. Relying on information from research can shed more light around an impending or an already occurred crisis.

Why You Need Research for Your Crisis

  • Locate the source of a crisis
  • Determine the size of the crisis
  • Locate the audience affected by the crisis
  • Identify some of the current problems occurring because of the crisis
  • Come up with quality and objective results for presentation to stakeholders
  • Design appropriate response mechanism for dealing with the future crisis

Working with Walaco to Identify and Correct Crisis

We work with clients in establishing the source of crisis whenever it happens. Our expertise depends on a deep understanding of correct metrics and tools to analyse information. We test how severe the crisis is and evaluate levels of communication to advise our clients accordingly. Every business wants to rebuild its initial reputation and trust even after a crisis.

We help our clients design data collection instruments to collect data through either focus group discussions, surveys, or in-depth interviews. We understand that differences in our clients in terms of areas of operation, every client can experience varying degrees of a crisis.

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