Our Company Values


Walaco Africa is guided by the following core principles as our operational code—PIDEC. They guide our employees in their behaviours.


Every one of us is a partner in the company. The company brings together a diversity of workforce with an open mind to learn from one another and achieve our common purpose. Our partners comprise both external stakeholders and internal employees.
Walaco Africa focuses on growing a positive culture of continuity and improvement in every action we take to implement. We are always looking for the best ways to assist everyone gains more heights. We base the purpose of our positivity on optimism, vision, trust for one another, a sense of purpose, and enthusiasm.
We base our positive culture of growth on focusing on whatever we see as good to everyone, providing genuine appreciation to coworkers, and rejoicing our success at every opportunity.
We select members based on their urge to learn and offer a conducive environment that allows everyone to reach personal goals. We extend our spirit of positivity and support to all our clients. The manner in which we conduct our operations, respect for one another and focus drives our strong partnership with our external clients.


At Walaco Africa, we always consider every client as our focus point—with a strong belief of having a conducive environment where every employee sees as a home away from home. We have always considered the importance of building one of the strongest business cultures that revolve around care and opportunities to learn and achieve personal development.

We consider INTEGRITY as a cornerstone of everything we do as a company. We achieve this through three key areas;

  • We aspire one another: At Walaco Africa, everyone is a foundation of inspiration for another. We value sharing our successes. We rely on the achievement of members taking part in different projects to achieve overall growth. We understand that leading by an example is the best way to assist employees to grow aspirations while meeting our company goals. It is through this spirit that makes us offer unmatched services in the industry.
  • We take accountability: We understand that risks do take place at any place irrespective of one’s experience. The external environment where we operate exposes us to different risks. We consider taking every different approach to finding solutions within any misstep that occurs. This approach makes every one of us grow to become better.We acknowledge that it is by recognizing mistakes, owning them up, and designing the most appropriate response mechanism. We consider using the missteps to draft stronger footsteps for offering professional services to our clients. We adopt the solution-action-reflection approach in our operations. The fact that we partner with our client in every aspect of our operation, we respect and honour our clients and colleagues. We ensure that we commit our capacity to deliver.
  • Independent: We are an independent company that seeks to remain objective when partnering with every client to deliver quality results to every client for quality decisions.


Our culture of positivity and diversity makes every one of us embrace an open mind and share innovative ideas. We are guided by the following principles in our discovery journey.

  • Result-Oriented: we do not undervalue the value we give to our clients. We strive to provide seamless experiences with quality results. We use innovations to come up with the best solutions that meet the needs and expectations of our clients.
  • Continuous Learning: Market and social research and consulting seem to change every single day. Our company should always strive to remain on top of the learning curve. We continue to regenerate from a variety of knowledge, experience, and skills of our people within the culture that supports mutual questioning and challenges around our shared vision. We also emphasise the need to regenerate ourselves from within.
  • Embrace challenges: We embrace challenges to make us not give up, remain disciplined, and confident in offering quality results to our clients.
  • Motivated: We strive every day to work smart and device approaches to give better results to our clients.
  • Curious: We are always curious about what happens in our industry. We seek innovative ways. We learn and research qualitative and quantitative data to come up with quality results as part of our passion.


The following codes of ethics policy guide our employees;

  • Conduct all activities in a professional, ethical, and responsible manner
  • Comply with the code of ethics of companies under Kenya companies code of conduct Acts 2015
  • Respect
  • Confidentiality
  • Quality of findings and reporting
  • Workplace responsibilities
  • Safety


The value of commitment forms our cornerstone in all our operations. We are always dedicated to all best practices to achieve quality results for every client. We are committed to maintaining a long-term partnership with our clients for growth and development.

Walaco Africa is always passionate about delivering according to customer expectations and achieving quality results for better decisions. Our commitment is to assist our clients to get data to support their decisions. Our commitment goes beyond delivering measurable results and value to our clients from different sectors across Kenya.

The following principles guide our commitment;

  • Stewardship: Maintain the confidentiality of client data
  • Teamwork: Motivate employees to achieve their potential
  •  Long-Term partnership: Committed to maintaining a positive relationship with all our clients that operate in different sectors
  • Integrity and professionalism: Committed to providing in-depth and expertise to our clients

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