We pride ourselves working with students who aspire to actualise their dreams in the market and social research as thinkers, people who can actualise what they have learned in class and want to put it into practice, voice their opinions, test products, take surveys and affect decisions company makes across our areas of expertise. Our internship programs are designed to make students see the application of theoretical concepts into a practical and invaluable experience.

Our internship programs run for a period of three to six months. We over open internships to undergraduates that are want to sharpen their skills in qualitative, quantitative, project design, questionnaire design, turning data into findings with the help of our Computer Aided Data analysis software. In addition, we also extend our internship programs to students that want to write their final projects.

Conditions: for students, you need to submit your application in advance for 4 – 6 months. While those that want to get the opportunity while writing their projects must submit their proposals 3 – 4 months earlier.