Consumer Preference

Customer Preference Analysis

Competition in every sector forces players to appraise their products, services, features, items and other combinations to satisfy interests, satisfaction, or preferences of customers. This requires a business to break down its products, services, websites, or other concepts it wishes to offer to the target customers.

In most cases, businesses struggle with challenges of deciding in situations when customers have to select ideas, products or services over others. All customers cannot have similar preferences for what you want to offer to them. When you have two or more products, it is important to make your customers identify a combination of key features and pricing that would make high returns on your investments.

While it is appropriate to make some guesses on what customers are likely to prefer, you might base your decisions on your own experience or subjective insights. In such a case, you might deny your customers what they prefer.

Why you need Preference Analysis
  • When you are experiencing a situation of dilemma about the right features to include in your product or service offering
  • When you have doubts about how your products or services might perform after launching
  • When you are worried about the right combination of features and pricing when designing your products or service offering

With all above in mind, you need to acknowledge that items, services, or preferences have thousands of combinations. You need to come up with the right combination that appeals to your target customers.

Why You Need Us for Your Preference Analysis

Walaco Africa understands how to help clients conceptualise the right combination of features and pricing for products and services. We adopt the most recognised scientific approaches to analyse customer preferences.

We conduct several tests to find the most optimal choice. We also help our clients simulate consumer preferences in a voting machine like environment.

When you appreciate the cost incurred to manufacture or design service, it becomes easier to undertake an option likely to yield more profits. We help clients search for a specific product/service or item that is likely to become a market performer against other competing products.

Not Just Average Research Company, We Use market Research to empower your decisions