Why Us

Walaco Africa prides itself for working with a diversified group of employees who come from all walks of life. If your desire is to work with a company that differentiated itself from others from the way it treats partners, benefits, training, support, and career development, then this is the right place to be.

Walaco strives to be the best in everything that we do to meet the expectations of our clients in providing quality solutions in the market and social research. We have a culture that defines us through; Integrity, Discovery, Ethics, and Commitment towards every stakeholder.

We offer three categories of job opportunities to our applicants;

  • As a Student (The basic entry level for those still in their study years)
  • Jobs Starters (This is an intermediate level for the recently graduated groups)
  • Professionals (The experienced professionals)

Not Just Average Research Company, We Use market Research to empower your decisions