Actionable Packaging Insights to Increase your Sales

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Product Packaging: Actionable Insights that can increase your sales

Product packaging requires a number of actionable insights to achieve better results. When done correctly can boost sales. For many customers, product packaging is an integral part of the shopping experience. For the majority of people, the shopping process is an emotional experience. Research reveals that more than 80% of shoppers make their buying decisions based on product packaging. When accessing products on the shelves in a store, a consumer will pick one product over another.

The decision will depend on the presentation and packaging of the products. In some instances, a product presentation is the only form of marketing that consumers will notice. Therefore, the design of your packaging will go a long way in determining whether your product will, make it to the shopping cart or not. How can you increase sales through product packaging?

Package Development

Currently, package development and design are different from the way it was in the past. Today’s consumers are much younger and more opinionated. Most shoppers are driven by social courses and are much more selective when buying products. This trend could only mean one thing for businesses, including startups and established businesses. Companies have to evolve their package development to avoid losing customers to their competitors. This is particularly true if you mainly sell your products to Millennial.

Research on product packaging indicate that by 2020, Millennials will represent 30% of total retail sales.

This generation pays particular attention to the product package. These shoppers view product packaging differently from the way the older generation sees it. When getting started with package development, you must have three factors in mind;

  • Authenticity,
  • Experience,
  • Values.

The three values are currently informing new trends in developing product packages. They are transforming the way brands come up with packaging strategies.

Interests and Values

A clear trend is what most consumers prefer. Product packaging provides a number of actionable insights that reflects their interests and values. In today’s world, shoppers have high priority concerns for environmental issues. Most people care about their impact on the planet. It is incredible to note that when making purchasing decisions, most shoppers factor in environmental issues. Therefore, as you come up with trendy packaging design, have the environment in mind. It is possible to make more natural and cheaper environmentally friendly product packaging. You can still capture the attention of shoppers.

Many shoppers are currently going for eco-friendly products, and they are willing to pay for them. The shoppers actively seek out information about a product’s sustainability mainly on the packaging. Leading brands across the world are focusing on using ethically sourced and sustainable materials to package their products.

Fun Experience for Shoppers

Your product packaging as part of actionable insight should be a fun experience for shoppers. There is a growing trend toward lighthearted branding. This is showing up in leading package graphic designs on many products. Include things that will trigger joy in a customer. A customer should smile upon reading the information on your product package. To achieve this, you have to understand your target market. You must understand what is likely to make them happy.

If you adopt fun packaging, you will create numerous advocates for your products. Shoppers, especially the young ones, are active social media users and love to share fun things on social platforms. Create a catchy and humorous product package, and the young generation will market your products on social media free!

Brand Identity

Whenever we talk of a brand, we tend to refer to is as a logo of a business. However, a brand goes beyond a symbol. In a way, we can say that creating a logo that everyone can associate with is one step of brand identity. In fact, it forms one of the aspects that should make your business look unique from the rest. Brand identify forms a cornerstone of actionable insight during the product packaging process.

We have billions of businesses around the world. Whether you are dealing with production, as an intermediary, or any other model, you need to picture yourself one-in-a-million businesses around the work. Creating a strong brand where everyone recognizes your business play a major role when competing against other businesses.

Therefore, whether you are working on your own brand or that of a client, understanding what a brand remains critical. Then what follows is how you can create one. Most of us find it easy to come up with fancy names. Of cause, it is not wrong to come up with such a fancy name, but what counts is whether your name will remain memorable in the unforeseen future. Click here for more information on why brands are important and how you can create one for your business.

Brand identity in packaging

Shoppers are seeking product packaging that depicts authenticity. Most people value personal identity and authenticity. Shoppers like to identify and invest in brands whose values go beyond making an easy sell. Through your product packaging, you must bring out your brand identity. You have to communicate that your brand is real and can be trusted.


The information you include in your product packaging should be intelligent and well thought out. As part of actionable insight, the message has to be inclusive. Bear in mind the fact that it is not about proving that your product is better than that of competitors. Instead, it is about showing that your product will fulfil the needs of the target market.

How can you bring out your brand identity in product packaging? There are various ways of bringing out your brand’s visual identity in your product packaging.

Keep the product design simple and easy to understand

The focus should be on the highest emotional benefit that your product offers. Your packaging should bring out what makes your brand unique and why consumers need to buy it.

Bring out key features

If the product has a new feature or a differentiated attribute, ensure that you bring out that aspect in the packaging.  product packaging requires that an actionable insight involve putting a visual emphasis on the unique feature of a product. Spotlighting on your packaging should be a descriptor that is crucial to product segmentation as well as a shopper experience.

Consider Colour

You can employ several tools to bring out your brand identity in product packaging. One of the most important actionable insight is the colour. The colour you adopt for your product packaging will invoke a physical response from your customers. You should also choose the right shape for your product package as this will create and support recognition. Make use of imagery to stir the emotions of the shoppers. You can also use imagery to help a customer understand how the product will fulfil their needs. Your product packaging should also include relevant words. Include what your target customers would love to hear. Bring out the values of your brand through your choice of words.

Iconic Packaging Designs from Well-known Companies

Some well-known companies across the globe have come up with iconic package designs.  They have succeeded in developing iconic brands through several actionable insights. The designs remain engraved in the minds of the shoppers. Even after consuming the products, most shoppers retain product packaging. Often using them for other purposes. Some of the iconic packaging designs include;

Tiffany & Co Jewelry Box

One of the leading packagings across the world is from Tiffany & Co.  Tiffany & Co is an American luxury jewellery and speciality retailer with headquarters in New York City. With regular packaging, shoppers tear open a box or a package to reveal the content and then discard the packaging. This is not the case with Tiffany &Co. Blue packaging box. Tiffany’s robin egg –the blue box is so iconic that the company sells it separately. The packaging box from Tiffany has served as an inspiration in party cakes, wedding decorations, and table centrepieces.

product packaging by Tiffany & Co Jewelry BoxTiffany’s signature boxes have become more valuable to the company than the content they contain! You would be correct to say Tiffany’s fully understand what product packaging entails and have hit the packaging jackpot. At some point, Adweek named Tiffany’s package box as the world’s most popular package.

Heinz Ketchup Bottle

The Heinz octagonal ketchup bottle is also an iconic packaging that is well known across the world. The bottle features a curved neck that encourages the ketchup to flow out of the bottle smoothly. The bottle had a very narrow top part as bottles of such kind made the ketchup turn brown faster. Heinz came up with the first bottle in 1876 and fourteen years later developed the iconic glass bottle.

Heinz Ketchup BottleThe iconic glass bottle is still familiar to many shoppers today. Many restaurants continue to use the glass bottle though the company removed it from the store. The company came up with a squeezable plastic version of the container. However, the company is still very protective of its iconic glass ketchup bottle.

KFC-Kentucky Fried Chicken

In 1957, Kentucky sold its first bucket of chicken at a restaurant located in Salt Lake City. Since then, the KFC bucket has become one of the most recognizable images in the fast-food industry. The world-renowned restaurant still sells the bucket. Packaging from this leading fast-food chain often sells as collector’s items. You will find empty KFC buckets selling on eBay at attractive prices.

The KFC bucket Paris’s Chanel No. 5 Bottle

The container of Chanel No. 5 perfume greatly enchanted Paris in the 1920s. Many decades later, this perfume bottle and its fragrance is still iconic, and many people revere it as revolutionary. The perfume bottle features a simple yet timeless design that speaks volumes. Despite the many years that the perfume has been around, customers still point out that the bottle depicts modernity at its finest.

Chanel Paris Eua De Parfum BottleTo reinforce the revered packaging, Chanel began selling a transparent plexiglass clutch in 2013. The grip is modelled after the bottle. However, the clutch is so expensive, yet people still buy it. This is a clear indication of how product packaging can take your business to the next level.

Amazon’s Delivery Box

Amazon’s delivery box features a plain box with the company’s logo on it. The product packaging follows simply actionable insights that are simple and straightforward. Despite the simple design, the box stirs immense excitement among shoppers. Consumers enthusiastically comment about Amazon’s delivery box on social media platforms. One of these platforms, users expresses the joy they feel about getting home and finding Amazon delivery boxes. A particular shopper admitted that she keeps her empty Amazon boxes under the bed to prevent people from knowing that she is addicted to the boxes!

Product Package by AmazonLeading companies across the world are getting it right as far as product packaging is concerned. They have understood and embraced the role of product packaging in improving business sales. You too can join the list of other successful business and develop an iconic packaging for your products.


production packaging follows numerous actionable insights that ensure your product performs well in a competitive market. Through package research, you can understand how your products appeal to customers. A perfect connect between packaging and customer preferences would help boost your sales.

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